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Swimming pool maintained by Eastern Pools, Norwich, NorfolkNot that long ago, the idea of having your own swimming pool in your garden or home was just a dream, a luxury only had by the rich and famous.

Let Eastern Pools turn your dream into a reality.

Eastern Pools offer a complete range of professional and comprehensive pool services covering all your needs from concept, design and construction to maintenance, repairs and aftercare.

With over 35 years experience in the pool industry, our expertise covers both residential and commercial pools, specifically:

Established in 2002, we have a large and ever growing list of satisfied customers. Many of our clients are spread throughout East Anglia and some beyond. Be sure to read what our clients say.

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Whether you are thinking of constructing a pool for the first time, have a problem which needs repairing or need general assistance, we are happy to visit you and advise appropriately.

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Health & SafetyHealth & Safety Accreditation

Eastern Pools takes Health and Safety very seriously and ensure that both our company and staff possess adequate training and accreditation, including:

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Swimming - the benefits

Swimming is by far one of the most fun and enjoyable fitness activities one can participate in. Swimming, unlike jogging, cycling, weightlifting or any other activity, is ideal for any age or physical ability.

Benefits swimmingIt's hard to beat swimming when it comes to a sport that strengthens the body, soothes the mind, regulates breathing, stimulates circulation and puts no stress on the joints all in one.

Unlike running or weight training, which concentrate on specific muscle groups, swimming benefits the upper body, torso and legs together and is one of the fastest ways to improve general strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness.

Swimming is a very low impact exercise; the weightlessness the water provides greatly reduces the stress on joints virtually eliminating the potential of back, knee and other muscular injuries common in high impact activities. The water pressure against the legs and arms is also beneficial to the circulatory system. The water pressure adds to the muscle pressure exerted on the veins to aid in returning blood to the heart and lungs.

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